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About Me

Hi there, fellow biking enthusiasts🚴‍♀️, I’m Elizabeth Miller, , the driving force behind this two-wheeled haven. You can call me the 👑 Queen of Two-Wheeler Troubles or simply the Bike Repair Specialist.

Yes, you heard it right, I once ruled the world of fixing bikes like a boss. But then, my rebellious spirit told me to venture into the wild world of blogging.

Now, instead of using tools to fix gears, I use words to entertain and educate my readers (or so I hope). Don’t get me wrong, my love for bikes is still intact, but I found a new love for writing that I can’t seem to stop.

So, buckle up my friends, because you’ll find a mix of my biking adventures and helpful tips on my blog.

Ready to roll? Let’s go 🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️!

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